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Theseus abducting Antiope, Archaeological Museum, Eretria
(Variant B)

Theseus abducting Antiope, pediment figure from the Temple of Apollo Daphnephoros in Eretria, colour reconstruction, Variant B (plaster, natural pigment according to the Price Method in tempera technique).
Polychromy: Sylvia Kellner.

(Antikenmuseum und Skulpturenhalle, Basel)

Applied methods:
UVF=Ultraviolet Fluorescence (Schott KV 418)
UVR=Ultraviolet Reflectography (Schott UG1 or Schott BG12)
VM=Visual Light Stereo Microscopy (10-50x, Zeiss & Olympus)
RL=Raking Light (Schott KL1500)
NLBW=Photography in visible light, black & white
NLCOLOR=Photography in visible light, full color
MPH=Macro Photography (via Microscope or Macro lenses)

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