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Siphnian Treasury, East Frieze Slab 1, Museum Delphi (Variant A)

East frieze of the Siphnian Treasury in Delphi, Slab 1, Variant A, partial colour reconstruction with partial additions in four separate slabs (plaster, natural pigment according to the Price Method in tempera technique). Three-dimensional additions and polychromy: Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann, Kristine Siebert (cooperation: University Göttingen; sponsor: Wacker Chemie).

(Liebieghaus Sculpture Collection, Frankfurt ST.P698A)

Applied Methods:
UVF=Ultraviolet Fluorescence (Schott KV 418)
UVR=Ultraviolet Reflectography (Schott UG1 or Schott BG12)
VM=Visual Light Stereo Microscopy (10-50x, Zeiss & Olympus)
RL=Raking Light (Schott KL1500)
NLBW=Photography in visible light, black & white
NLCOLOR=Photography in visible light, full color
MPH=Macro Photography (via Microscope or Macro lenses)
UV-VIS=UV-VIS Absorption Spectroscopy

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