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Grave Statue of Phrasikleia, National Museum Athens

Funerary status of Phrasikleia (crystalline acrylic glass, natural pigment according to the Price Method in tempera technique). Polychromy: Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann, three-dimensional additions: Christian Tobin (executed within the framework of the O. Primavesi 2007 Leibniz Prize project; in the possession of the German Research Foundation)

Applied methods:
UVF=Ultraviolet Fluorescence (Schott KV 418)
UVR=Ultraviolet Reflectography(Schott UG1 or Schott BG12)
VIL=Infrared Fluorescence
VM=Visual Light Stereo Microscopy(10-50x, Zeiss & Minolta)
DM=Digital Microscopy
RL=Raking Light
NLBW=Photography in visible light, black & white
NLCOLOR=Photography in visible light, full color
MPH=Macro Photography (via Microscope or Macro lenses)
3DSCAN=Structured Light Scanning
XRF=X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
UV-VIS=UV-VIS Absorption Spectroscopy


(c) Vinzenz Brinkmann, Leibnizpreisprojekt O. Primavesi 2007 & Stiftung Archäologie






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